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Tami Wittrock

write without fear. Edit without mercy.

Hello, dear reader!

Whelp, here you are...and here I am...well at least as close as life on the net can get us.  However you got here, let me begin by saying "welcome" to the sacred places of my heart.  What makes these places sacred are simply because the words you will read here are my words...personal, real and sometimes raw.  Taken from the very pages of my journal, these words reflect joy, pain, heartache, struggles, lessons learned, and wisdom gained along my sometimes wild yet beautiful journey through life.  

They say that experience is the best teacher; but for me I have found this to simply not be true.  For I have personally come to know the greatest teacher that has ever lived...His name is Jesus.  He is one who is kind, compassionate, patient, loving, gentle and full of grace.  He has taught me how to heal, how to fight, how to rest, how to run, how to be still, how to persist, how to forgive and how to let go.  While every lesson He has taught me has been uniquely different, one common theme rings true through them  Jesus taught me how to love!  He taught me how to love myself.  He taught me to love others. But most importantly He taught me that He first loved me.  Even at my worst, He sacrificed Himself so that I may know love...So that I may know Him. For HE IS LOVE!

So I write not because I am now the teacher, but because I am still His student.  Jesus is the author of my life, the very breath of the of the words I write. This blog is dedicated fully unto Him.  I cannot claim the wisdom I have learned from His lessons to be my own, so it is here my blogging friend that I freely pass them onto you.  

"I never exactly made a book.  It's rather like taking dictation.  I was given things to say." -C.S. Lewis

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Tami Wittrock

Writer. Teacher. Speaker.

I am a fiery, passionate follower of Jesus who finds joy in the journeys of life. I believe we all have a grand story to tell and every story has rich life lessons to be learned.  No matter what we may encounter in this life or what path we take, I believe God is fervently and relentlessly pursuing each one of us.


We are all made in His image and therefore are designed to reflect His character, goodness and love to those around us. The passion of my heart is to encourage others to walk in boldness and confidence down the path God leads, while remaining humble and teachable to be refined by the potholes along the way. So let us journey this one amazing life together...full of possibilities, processes, and great purpose!  The ride is well worth it!

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