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About Me

The Wittrock Family

Oh, to try to tell you who I am in a few short paragraphs is no easy task...but let me assure you, dear reader, that I am up for the challenge!  I believe what defines a person's life is not merely in what they did, how much they accomplished, what goals they crushed, or even the titles they gained throughout their life.  I believe all of these things while both good and well are only mere products for what lies deep beneath their surfaces.  I believe finding ones uniqueness and flare can be found in the answer to this one simple question..."What are the things that set your soul on fire?"  By this I simply mean, what is it that makes you come alive?  And that my friend, is the question I will try to answer for you here on this "about me" page...

Here we go...first and foremost Jesus! He loved me, He saved me, He gave me life in every way.  My heart forever belongs to Him and it is my joy to share of His goodness with others.  My heart's desire is to live a life that is worthy His sacrifice, for you King Jesus deserve the greatest of rewards!


Next, my high school sweetheart, my retired Naval Officer, my baby daddy, my man of 18 years.  He truly is my other half, in so many ways.  I like to think God giggled when putting us together, knowing full well it was going to be one wild ride...hang on honey, we are just getting started.  


Up next, my four amazing, spirited, fiery, and full of life little (some, not so little) humans. They have taught me far more about life in the past 15 years than I ever thought possible.  I look at life differently now, knowing there is beauty in the small things, laughter in ALL things, and nothing that a family dance party can't cure.  

Since I love finding and creating my own unique style, shopping had to make the list.  So where do I go you might ask to snag unique pieces that help me create my latest ensemble, redecorate a new space or even build up my book collection...Goodwill of course.  This has been a growing love for me over the past five years.  I have come to realize two is easy to take fashion risks for 99 cents and Jesus definitely hides treasures there just for me (our own little private game of hide and seek...yes Jesus likes to plays games!).

Lastly, this right here!  Writing, sharing my heart, and telling of the goodness of God in my life to those around me.  You see it was many years ago that someone did the same for me.  They shared their stories with me, opened up their hearts to me and told me about the redeeming love of Jesus.  It was in those moments of hearing their stories that I knew I had to meet this Jesus...and life has been forever changed since that day.  So today I simply do what was done for me...I share my stories, I open my heart, I speak of His goodness and the the power of His love in my life. Why? Not because I have to or even that it is the right thing to do, but simply because how could I not? 

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