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Hide & Seek

I don't know if there is anyone on the face of this earth that is not familiar with the beloved childhood game of hide & seek. This game consists of and operates around two very distinct and important roles, the hider and the seeker. As the "hider" I can remember the rush of adrenaline I would feel while I remained silently still in my ingenious hiding place, listening to every footstep with bated breath, anticipating the moment when I would be eventually be discovered. Now, as the "seeker", it was a whole different experience. There was that thrill of the hunt, strategically planning out where I would look first, and being relentless not to give up even when all my good "finding" efforts came up empty. And of course feeling the overwhelming joy of finally discovering the one I had been looking for this whole time. While at first glance this appears to be nothing more than just a meaningless juvenile game, I believe if we take a closer look we will see the character, personality, and fingerprint of God all over it!

Jeremiah 29:13 says, "And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart." For I believe this is the delight of the Father's be found, to be discovered, to be encountered. I do not believe God hides Himself to trick us or tease us, but for the sole reason of creating a hunger in us. A hunger for adventure, for discovery, for more...a hunger for Him. Can you imagine Him, the God of Creation, tucked away in His secret hiding place, enthusiastically waiting to be found by you. He is aware of your every foot step, both coming and going. While concealed behind a door, He leaves it ever so slightly cracked as if leaving you a clue to His location. Every once in a while, He may even let out a sound as if to draw you back when you begin to stray in the wrong direction. And when you have been searching long and hard for what seems like forever, feeling frustrated and somewhat defeated, you hear a voice say, "Don't give up, you're getting warmer." As you follow the step by step guided cues, you approach the cracked door and slowly open it and what you discover that on the other side is a treasure worth more then gold. It is an eye opening experience, an encounter, a life altering moment with the God of universe, who has been awaiting this very moment with you, to speak with you, to comfort you, to instruct you and to tell you He loves you. And in that moment you realize all that time of looking & searching, after all the let downs & failures, after all the frustrations & dead ends...there He is!

This my friends is the very heart of this blog...this is my why! That no matter what path we take in life, what direction we decide to go, or how lost we may seem at times, God is drawing us to Himself, awaiting to reveal to us His character, His heart and His love. And so this blog is dedicated to those moments...the moments He led me, the moments He met, the moments He ministered to me down this road we call life. I write about these moments first for myself, that I may never forget of His faithfulness and His love for me. And second, I write them for you. That you may be encouraged, hopeful and challenged to embrace your own personal game of hide and seek with the God of the universe, who is waiting to be found by you. For His words can be trusted and His promises are true..."You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart."

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