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Bread of Life

Jesus said to them, “I am the Bread of Life. Come every day to me and you will never be hungry.” -John 6:35

Food, food, glorious food! I love Jesus in all of His practicality and His playful spirit in this statement. He refers to himself as the “bread of life.” I recently discovered that the power and truth of this statement was far more deeper than I realized. So why bread? Why would the Son of God compare himself to such an ordinary and simple substance? I believe in part because He knew our humanity and knew that there would be no one on the face of this earth who would be without understanding when it comes to the love and pleasure that food can bring. Next, food is a natural fuel created to give life to our bodies. A fuel so vital that if it is not readily available, one will not survive.

Many of Jesus’ followers, wanted to see the physical miracle of manna (bread), like God did for Moses in the desert. They wanted the signs and wonders of food falling from heaven in order that they might believe in the power of the Lord. When they begin to ask Jesus for the miracle of bread again, he responds to them with the simple yet mystifying words “I AM the BREAD of LIFE!” While the disciples were wanting natural food, a meal and a miracle, what Jesus was offering them was far greater than that…He was offering them both spirit and life (John 7:63). I myself have been there…wanting all the stuff, the great plans, the miracles, the next big thing, but all the while not realizing all I really need is Jesus, just Jesus!

I believe the heart of what Jesus was saying was “all the life you will ever need is found in me.” Everything you will need to overcome any problem, to heal your every hurt, to meet your every need, to satisfy your every desire is in the very essence of who I AM! You see, Jesus always starts with our hearts.. He works from the inside out. Knowing that feeding us with the truth of who He is will always cause fullness of life to flow out. Jesus invites me to come, come every day and feast on His words, His promises, and His love for us in a way where we will never go hungry, that is His promise. This is why He is referred to as Jehovah Jirah, He is the God who provides (Genesis 22:14).

While this is the Lord’s promise to us, to be the “bread of life" and to sustain and supply us with our every need, He is not one who forces us to eat. What Jesus does is invites us each to the table with Him. Think of a dear friend who invites you over to dinner. They have prepared all day for this dinner…took out the finest china, prepared the most extravagant meal and arranged the most beautiful centerpiece for the evening, all for you, just for you! But if you, the honored guest does not show up, everything that was intended and prepared for you will go unnoticed. The conversations that could have been had, the laughter that could have been shared, the heart to heart moments of connection…missed.

You see there are many things in our lives that will compete for our appetites. Many substances that will tempt us to believe that they will make us happy, keep us satisfied and even sustain us. But the reality is they are all cheap and artificial substitutes for what Jesus offers us, Himself! Making time for Him each day, to read His Word, to share your heart in prayer, to sit with Him in His presence, now this is the greatest source of life that can be attained. I love how Jesus reminds us to come every day. For He knows that the bread He gave us yesterday will get used up and we will need a refilling, a fresh meal. Each day He takes out the finest china, prepare the most extravagant meal and arranged them most beautiful centerpiece, all for you, just for you! And each day He awaits your knock on His door, to sit with Him at His table, to listen to His words, and to fill you with His love. The invitation has been sent…how will you reply?

“How He satisfies the souls of thirsty ones and fills the hungry with all that is good.” -Psalm 107:9

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1 Comment

Jean Tronick
Mar 02, 2020

Tammy Really liked Bread of Life ! You are so good at letting the reader understand your thinking !

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